About Us

SHOGUN DOJO was founded 1997 in Smithers, BC, Canada, by Hanshi Marwan Abu Khadra, 8th Dan in KADGAMALA MARG Karate awarded by Geert Lemmens, 6th Dan awarded by John Douvris - Douvris Martial Arts, Ottawa, 4th degree in Kickboxing. and 5th degree KRAV MAGA.

Hanshi Marwan started Karate in 1977 in Hamburg, Germany and started teaching in 1981.

Besides Karate and Kickboxing his training also included Jiu Jitsu and Boxing.

Martial Arts was not simply something he practiced, he obtained and taught official trainer licences for coaching.

Thanks to his world renown and legendary master and mentor Kansho Geert Lemmens (http://www.lemmens-academy.de), Hanshi Marwan`s Martial Arts knowledge and experience is far and beyond, resulting in many successful competitions attended.

His achievements include the titles of more than 12 times German Champion, European Champion and World Champion (WAKO, WKA, IAKSA, DKV) in Karate Sport and Kickboxing.

He was National German Coach for several years before he immigrated to Canada in 1996, where he became National Coach for Continuous Sparring (IAKSA).

October 2023, Hanshi Marwan joined the HALL of FAME MARTIAL ARTS EUROPE

Over the past 27 years, Hanshi Marwan has been honored to teach hundreds of students, young and old, the way of Karate and Kickboxing.

Through his dedication and passion, strong core values and referral-driven membership growth, SHOGUN DOJO has become known beyond national borders with other Shogun clubs in BC, like the Shogun Martial Art Club in Williams Lake, BC and in the past was part of the regular PE program of the local Elementary and High School.

SHOGUN DOJO`s students to this day succeed both on the National and International stage.

In addition to KADGAMALA MARG Karate and SHOTOKAN based KATA, SHOGUN DOJO offers expert training in Kickboxing, Boxing, CardioKickboxing, POWERHOUSE fitness and KRAV MAGA Self Defence.