COVID-procedures at the Dojo

  • Members won't be able to use the changing rooms, please come readily dressed to the Dojo.
  • We are bound to the rule of 6' space between students and parents anywhere in the Dojo.
  • Wearing a mask at the Dojo is now mandatory for person 13yrs and up. For actual training it can be removed.
  • For as long as social distancing is in place we'll be offering modified contact sport (Kickboxing & KRAV MAGA).
  • Equipment used in class i.e. in POWERHOUSE will be sanitized after each use and we ask members to wipe off their equipment before returning it back to the stage.
  • We won't be lending out any kind of safety gear (i.e. gloves) or uniforms, please bring or consider buying your own.
  • Floors will be sanitized between classes.
  • We require for members to wear clean, non-marking indoor shoes or to desinfect their feet before entering the Dojo. Desinfectant will be provided here at the Dojo.
  • We are trying to avoid crowding in the entry room before and after class and ask to keep socializing to a minimum. COMING SOON: Entry and Exit will be separated.
  • Parents are asked to drop off their children closer to class start (5 min. max.) and to pick up their children right after class (10 min max.)
  • If you experience any typical flu or cold symptoms, please stay home - you can still follow class via LIVESTREAM if you don't want to miss it.
  • These guidelines are subject to change and we might find the need for modification, please bear with us. Thank you very much!!!